Sunday, February 7, 2010

Finding alternatives from grounding - Feb 6, 10

Amy was busy tonight, so I brought Deon to my place to sleep over.  When I picked him up, Amy told me Deon was grounded from DS, TV and computer (his 3 favourite activities) due to teachers' complaint and he wasn't doing well in piano.  All he could do was read.  Deon downloaded some books to Amy's eReader to bring it with him.  Off we left.

It was not too long after we got in the car.  Deon asked if we could get a board game to play with.  Well, this sure isn't a "duh" kin.  He thought of his alternatives right-a-way other than reading.  Since I don't have any board games at home, so I said yes.  We went home first for about an hour then we headed for dinner.  When we got home, he didn't bother to bring his stuff with him to my apt.  He said he didn't want to.  Those stuff that he didn't bring it with him included the eReader.

We went to White Spot on Cambie & 12th.  White Spot is his favourite restaurant for dinner. Every time we go out for dinner, he has to have WS, no other suggestions he'd go for.  He always orders his favourite Pirate Pal from the Kids Menu.

During dinner, I asked him when he didn't bring the stuff with him to my place again.  He still said he didn't want to.  I asked him if he hided the eReader.  He said "no".  I continued and said what if someone walked by and broke the car window and stole all of his stuff including the eReader?  He looked at me with a little shock face.  I said we should hide the stuff that are valuable to us in the car so to avoid accident like this happen.  I wanted him to be more aware of the stuff he got and take care of the stuff he has, whether they are his or someone else's.  I asked him what would he do if what I said did happen when we went to get our car?  I think by then he realized the possibilities of losing the valuable stuff.  He kept saying, "can we change to another topic?"  He probably was a little worried to answer.  

When dinner arrived, he was eating very happily.  He also played with the straw from his drink.  He sticked the straw in between his teeth and asked me to pull it out.  I took a few pictures from my blackberry and captured his look.

After dinner, we went to Toy R Us and got a Sponge Bob board game.  It was more like the 飛行棋 I used to play when I was little.  This has more features.  We played a game.  Of course, Deon won.   

Oh......when we got home.  He proudly told me that he packed everything he had into his little back pack and brought it up to my place.   Cute kid.... :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Deon wanted to see Stephen - Jan 9, 10

Amy went to Panama Cruise and won't be back until the 16th.  She forwarded her phone to my phone.  I am getting all of her calls on my phone.

On Jan 6, Stephen called Amy.  I told him she was away.  We chatted for a bit.  He said he may take Deon out for a few hours this Sunday.  He would call me to confirm.

Since Amy left, I've been having dinner with Deon on Saturdays nights.  I thought of asking him about Stephen.  Although I know he didn't remember much of his dad.  Unlike LD whom Deon has such a deep relationship with.  LD no doubt plays a big father figure in Deon's least in the last couple of the years.  Deon remembers all of the times they spent together.  However, for Stephen, he is after all Deon's dad.  

During dinner, I asked Deon:

Pan: Deon, do you want to see your dad?

Deon: Yes

Pan: Do you miss him?

Deon: No

Pan: Do you miss Kai Dad?

Deon: Yes

Pan: Oh, then why do you want to see you dad if you don't miss him?

Deon: I don't know

Pan: Do you remember where are the places your dad took you before?

Deon: No (after he paused a couple of seconds)

Pan: Do you remember going to Crash Crawley's with daddy?

Deon: No, I had my birthday party there.

Pan: Do you remember going swimming with daddy?

Deon: (Deon thought of a few seconds then said)  That rings a bell.

It is funny that a kid who rarely sees his father, knows anything about his father, but wants to see his father.  I guess this is what the Chinese saying "blood is thicker than water" (血濃於水).  I guess there is always a connection between parents and their children no matter how distant they are.

Deon, you have been getting the best that your mommy can provide and nurture you.  Although your father didn't play an important role in your life, I am sure you sure you thank your father (not just your mother) to bring you to this world.

Thursday, October 7, 2004

Video from 2004

This is one of the first video I taped on Deon. He was only 3yrs old at that time. If I remember correctly, it was an evening when Amy and nanny May E had to go to EQ classes. She dropped off Deon at my place for a couple of hours. I took this video at the time. Deon started to speak in Cantonese. He was sooooo cute. I think it's best upload it and let Deon know how he cute and adorable he was.

Sunday, February 9, 2003

4 teeth were extracted (from memory)

Amy was busy moving to her new home on Upland Drive since few days ago.  Deon had his dental appt to extract a few teeth on Aug 30.  Amy and nanny (May E) didn't have time to look after him.  They asked me to take care of him for a couple of days until they settle in the new house.  

When I picked up Deon on Aug 30, he only came back from the dentist.  He still felt numb from the anesthetic.  He was very sleepy.  As the slowly gained his senses, he began to feel the pain.  Oh my goodness, he looked so bad.  He basically didn't do much that night and was sleeping all night long.  However, you could see from his facial expression, even when he was sleeping, that he was in pain.  

The next day, he felt better.  I took him to Toy r Us to play for a little bit.  He looked better than the day before.  I could still see his month was swollen a little.  When we got home, he was felt the pain.  He wasn't very excited to play with his toys.  Poor boy!  If you look at the picture, you'll know what I mean.  Deon, I bet you don't remember this experience.  :))

By the 3rd day, Deon was all fine.  He returned to the usually jumpy little boy.  I brought him to his new home.

Monday, April 9, 2001

A little smart boy is born - Feb 7, 10 (from my memory)

Deon, this little stubborn baby is finally born on April 7, 2001!!!!  Why do I say stubborn?  He gave Amy the a few days contraction before he wanted to come see the world.  

Amy first had her contract in the evening of April 3.  She went to BC Women's with Stephen.  They were sent back as doctor said she was not ready.  She went home and waited.  She had contractions again the following date.  She thought it must be today since she was only in labour for a few hours for both Kelvin and Jody.  Too bad.....she was sent home again!!!  We both hoped that the baby wouldn't be born on the next day April 5.  This is the Chinese "Ching Ming Festival"  or Tombs Sweeping Day.  It may be odd to celebrate birthday on such date.  Sooooo, Amy's strategy was not to have too much big movements that would cause her contractions.  

Well, I guessed Deon listened to his mom and waited!!  Amy had contractions again in the evening of April 6.  Yeah, she had contractions for a few days.  Stephen took her to the hospital.  Oh boy!  She started to feel the pain.  She was in labour for over 1 day.  Deon was born late in the evening of April 7.  My goodness!!!  It must be a record for her for the long labour she had.

She called me the next day (April 8) and told me on the phone the baby looked so ugly.  SHE MEANT IT.  She didn't say it because of the old chinese custom taught us to say the opposite things on the kids.  She really meant it.  She said the baby had single eye-lid, flat nose, no hair and blah blah blah...... I told her the baby couldn't be that ugly!!!  I went to the hospital to visit them.  Good thing I didn't believe Amy.  Deon was actually born with a nice looking nose, not flat at all!!!  I said Deon may have his double eye-lid when he grows older.  It's hard to tell with a one day old baby.  For hair, well, not much we could do.  He wasn't that bad at all.  

As Deon grows up. we all see that Deon has double eye-lid that made Amy happy.  If not, she was going to get Deon a double eye-lid job done by Dr. Carr.  That is the thought she had before she was integrated by all the ESP courses she took and the coaching sessions she had with Christine.   :)))

Thursday, August 31, 2000

Amy was pregnant (from memory)

It was toward the end of Summer 2000 when Amy found out she was pregnant.  She had just married Stephen since June.  She had been using contraceptives, but was still pregnant by accident.  She was debating whether to keep this baby or not.  It was she and Stephen's first kid and it was Stephen's first kid.  Although Stephen had been treating Kelvin and Jody as if they were his own, this would be his real blood related first child.  Amy was debating.  She and Stephen were having some issues.  She wanted to sort out before moving ahead to expend the family.

After much thought, she felt Stephen deemed to know she was pregnant.  They kept the baby of course.  Amy prepared herself to become mother again!